Singing Sessions

Express yourself & Build Confidence!

          Benefits of Singing

  • Correct Posture: Standing Up Straight With Shoulders Back and Head Held High

  • Proper Breathing Technique: Deep Breathing Exercises Help to Support & Sustain Tone

  • Singing in Tune: Distinguishing Between Pitches and Being Able to Self Correct

  • Discovering Range: Knowing How High or Low to Place a Tone
  • Navigating Register: Knowing Your Highest & Lowest Note
  • Articulation: Using Tongue, Teeth, & Lips to Pronounce Words Clearly

  • Dynamics: Adding Interest & Artistry Using levels of intensity with volume
  • Expressing Emotion: Singing with Feeling based on the song lyrics

  • Proper Use of Voice: Learning How to Keep the Voice Healthy

  • Custom Repertoire: Choosing Songs That Are Well Suited Specifically For Your Voice

  • facing challenges: How to Confidently Approach New Challenges

Select Your Singing Session!

Email Bronwyn: To Schedule Your Singing Session.

Available Times:
Monday 11:30am 12pm & 12:30pm EST
Wednesday 11am 11:30am 12pm & 12:30pm
Thursday 11am 11: 30am 12pm & 12:30pm
Friday 12pm & 12:30pm

About Bronwyn

The Musical Mama has cultivated the skill of composing easy to memorize rhythms and patterns making children’s memory work more fun and easier to recall. The Musician holds a Bachelors in Vocal Performance and has taught voice and piano for 15 years.The Cronin family is in their 7th year of Classical Conversations, with Bronwyn spending two years as a Director. In addition to homeschooling, the musician fronts her band, Jazzville,  in Western North Carolina. Jazzville can often be found performing at the Biltmore Estate and the Grove Park Inn. Bronwyn released her debut album, Blue Skies, in June 2018 which can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

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