Half Hour Singing Session

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Build Confidence & Improve Communication While Learning To Sing!

Benefits of Singing

  • Great Posture:  Standing Up Straight With Shoulders Back and Head Held High
  • Proper Breathing Technique: Deep Breathing Exercises Help to Support & Sustain Tone
  • Singing in Tune: Distinguishing Between Pitches and Being Able to Self Correct
  • Learning Range: Knowing How High or Low to Place a Tone
  • Learning Register: Knowing Your Highest & Lowest Note
  • Articulation: Using Tongue, Teeth, & Lips to Pronounce Words Clearly
  • Dynamics: Adding Interest & Artistry
  • Expressing Emotion: Singing with Feeling
  • Proper Use of Voice: Learning How to Keep the Voice Healthy
  • Custom Repertoire: Choosing Songs That Are Well Suited Specifically For Your Voice
  • How to Confidently Approach New Challenges

1 review for Half Hour Singing Session

  1. Connie

    Bronwyn is a talented vocalist of her own accord and also possesses the ability to instruct others in the skills of singing. My ten year-old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the five months of vocal instruction she has received from Bronwyn. Not only has her vocal range and control improved immensely, her knowledge of music theory and vocabulary has blossomed. With each lesson, Bronwyn assessed where my daughter was in her abilities and tailored her lessons and homework accordingly, presenting her with just enough to keep her interested and challenged. My husband and I have been pleased and impressed with how much the lessons have taken our daughter’s love of singing and fine tuned and stretched it in ways that only professional instruction and practice could. I cannot recommend Bronwyn and her talents enough. She has been such a blessing to my daughter and to our family—because we get to enjoy the results! Mrs. Cronin’s lessons are an amazing value.
    Connie, Classical Conversations tutor, homeschool teacher, and mom

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